As Far As I Can Carry, As Long As I Can Hold is an invitation for a durational, poetic, visual and moving journey into our layers of intimacy. Starting by questioning how we relate to each other and how we establish bonds between ourselves and the others, the 6-hours-long performance is a corporal and emotional research on queer intimacy, vulnerability, strength, communication and power dynamic in a world that has left wounds, scars and fears on our bodies & souls. Through their performance, Michael(a) and Leman ask: “While we all are wounded and full of intersectional scars coming throughout our personal and societal histories; how can we overcome the fear of getting intimate, how can we hold space for our own body and space for the other, how can we support each other when needed, how can we connect when the whole world assigns us in roles?” 

As Far As I Can Carry, As Long As I Can Hold is a time set apart where the rush, noise, and anxiety of the world fall mute. Free from the distractions the world offers us at seemingly every moment! We are taught that we are made for consistent time spent in solitude but we can only make sense when we come together. 

Long Duration Performance. 6 Hours

With: Leman Sevda Darıcıoğlu

Year: 2022

The work was performed at STAMP Liberty

At Platz der Republik, Denkmal 2022 Hamburg, Germany.