Berlin 112

Berlin, the moving city. Everyone dreams of coming, visiting, or living here to have the Berlin experience… but what is that experience?

The project aims to collect 112 stories from Berlin migrants, people who might have called “112” once before… or maybe it was the call that lead them to Berlin.

Since I’ve been living in Berlin, I realize how much people seek refuge here, running away from something, calling for help, no matter what their nationalities are. It becomes harder and harder to meet with a “real Berliner.”

In the process of making these illustrations, I gave a piece of paper to a few people I know, blank except for one word: “Berlin.”

I asked them to automatically write without thinking just what this word brings to mind from emotions and memories. Later on I started to illustrate those people’s writings, hopes, fears… 

If you want to take part and tell your story, don’t hesitate to send it with the title: Berlin 112 to