BOLBOLA  بُلبُلة

BolBola: is an Egyptian “aristocrat” icon on her journey in the streets of Berlin to find stardom, fame and her next husband after the filthy rich previous one died mysteriously! BolBola comes as a form of a mnemonic identity that drives from Michael(a) Daoud’s upbringing in Egypt to mirror the idea of Diaspora and Exile through a satirical lens as a form of healing.

BolBola’s graceful presence meticulously and elegantly plays on the intersection of parody, performance art, politics and absolute bullshit to reflect on Queer issues.

Self-scripted and choreographed with a dash of hatefulness and lots of love. 

Her works were presented in Berlin at Schwutz, Ballhaus Ost, The Hanging Gardens Festival 2022, and SIFA – Singapore International Festival of Arts 2022.