Play it queer is a simulation of a quixotic Arabic Muslim queer world, imagining new ways of being, thinking, and articulating desires and longing, love and struggle. The piece looks at the violence that is imposed on ways of being queer in the Middle Eastern world parallel to the Western present we live in.

It is a condemnation of those who forbid queerness and see it as a crime and a sin in the Arab Muslim world. It revolves around the figure of the Makkah imam ‘Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, highlighting his effect on the construction of racial, religious, gender and sexual differences in the West.

Medium: Digital illustration, Print

Size: 59.4 X 42.0 cm

Year: 2019

The work was exhibited at Rundgang der UDK Berlin as part of HE(A)R(E) THE ATTACHMENT exhibition, Berlin 2019