Salome is a larger-than-life character who has from time immemorial horrified and fascinated all‭. ‬Who is SALOME in our contemporary times‭, ‬who attempts to transform their position of no-power into some kind of power‭?‬

Based on English playwright Oscar Wilde’s symbolist play from 1891‭, ‬SALOME fights to be free from the systems of morality and patriarchal power which have imprisoned them‭.‬‮ ‬

Keng Sen Ong collaborates with Berlin-based performance artist Michael(a‭) ‬Daoud‭, ‬to navigate the edges of documentary film‭, ‬and‭ ‬Singapore actor Janice Koh‭, ‬to occupy social media with a love at all costs‭. ‬Set in an unexpected installation by Heman Chong with the energising rhythms of composer Kaffe Matthews‭, ‬they jointly contemplate the SALOME complex from diverse directions‭.‬

The film‭ ‬“Becoming Salome”‭ ‬feature the character Bolbola who’s based on a documentary portrait of Michael(a‭) ‬Daoud‭, ‬and their life story of how they escaped from Syria and basically walked‭ ‬from Athens into Hungary‭. ‬They arrived finally in Europe and Berlin‭.

“By creating the drag personality of Bolbola, Michael(a) is able to counter the harsh realities of being a defeated asylum seeker in the all-powerful European Union. In particular, the film proposes an ending after the head falls.”

The Film team:

Writer & Director Keng Sen Ong 

Starring: Michael(a) Daoud as BolBola

Cinematographer & Editor: Camille Lacadee

Art Director: Shahrzad Rahmani

Sound Editor & Designer : Gabor Csongradi

Lighting Designer: Joseph Wegmann

Associate Art Director: Alice Faucher

Costume & Make Up Designer: Michael(a) Daoud

Original Artworks: Michael(a) Daoud

Sculpture of Head: Quirin Baumler & Michael(a) Daoud

Live Music: Kaffe Matthews

Executive Producer: T:>Works

Photo credit: Ceren Saner

Commissioned by Singapore International Festival of Arts 2022