[Sob-hiy-eh] is a word used to describe an eventful morning gathering to drink Middle Eastern coffee “and more.” Traditionally, visitors bring the coffee pot with them.

[Sob-hiy-eh] is a colloquial phrase used only in spoken form, mostly known among women and queers (no- children policy) as a form of socializing. It is a highlight of the day due to the amount of news and gossip which is exchanged during the morning meeting.

[Sob-hiy-eh] was a therapeutic convention to release the tension that one had accumulated from constantly facing reality. Our routines before the pandemic included these rhythmic morning meetings. We all needed a getaway, and [Sob-hiy-eh] was one.

Using augmented reality, [Sob-hiy-eh] is possible in the lockdown despite the strict rules, as it transforms the 2D poster into a moving poster in a real-time environment using the ARTIVIVE AR-platform (augmented reality).

Augmented reality opens a new understanding of the 21st century; what kind of impact will it have on societies across the globe? Are we slowly moving into living in the “cloud?” Is our behavior turning artificial?

Medium: Digital Collage Print.

Size: 59.4 X 42.0 cm.

Year: 2020

Animated Augmented Reality on Platform

The work was exhibited at THROUGH SOLIDARITY WE SURVIVE artistic campaign Berlin, Germany and Oslo World Festival, Norway.