The work initially reclaimed my queer Muslim identity by reproducing the action illustrated in one of the manuscripts I found using a repetitive body movement.

The foot wear (red high heels) was an interpolation of the traditional Tarboosh (fez) that I put on display as broken heels, the highest part of the installation.

The moving image was projected on the ceiling indicating the hidden knowledge from colonialism 

Mediume: Installation & a single-channel video with sound (1’ 40”).

Year: 2021

The work was exhibited as part of UNCLAIMED IDENTITIES group exhibition at Haus der Statistik 2021

The work concerns itself with internal and external exile, historic queerness in religions and cultures with a focus on Arabic cultures, to enter into an open conversation with the audience in order to decolonize history and question social constructions.

The Miracle Of The Unconscious places the focus on what accompanies us on our migratory journey and on the legacy of the past that it trips over. It aims at shedding light on the relationship between the body in relation to our gender.

Medium: Short Performance

Year: 2022

Performed at PANKE Culture as part of PAF CLOSING – Performing Arts Festival Berlin Closing Event 2022