How it feels,
I gouge out both of your eyes, 
Then place two precious gems instead,
Will you see?

How it feels,
I uproot your flag,
Trees and homes,
Then plant castles of solitude and silos,
Tell me, Will you breathe?

How it feels,
I ban your oranges, figs and olives,
And force you to leave your garden,
Will you obey?

Our story is a journey of questioning, an invitation to self reflect, and a riot opposed to entertainment.

Are we living in our own bubble of Apartheid? Are queer solidarity campaigns just commercial slogans and pinkwashing schemes? How long will the wait take? How many rounds of asylum, racism, appropriation, and censorship can we still withstand?

Do we resist to survive? Could a fruit be a symbol of resistance? How could we stay connected? How could we unsee injustices? How could we not forget the cause?

You Will Never Know How It Feels is a durational performance-installation on the silencing of freedoms of speech, it’s an artistic protest, a sit-in against the power structures and the current international political atmosphere, reflecting on inner queer identities living under apartheid and outer struggles of the displaced individuals living in exile.

Medium: Durational performance installation. 3 Hours

With: Zain Saleh

Year: 2022

The work was performed at OpenOut Festival 2022. Trømso, Norway